Welcome to the Gyrne Archives

What's what in the Archives?

The Archives are the main hub for the Gyrne community. The four sections here are:


The Chronicles are Gyrne's "High Score list": The annals of Gyrne aristocrats that became Emperor or Empress. You may also find older game results here. A victorious player may write the history of his or her success into the chronicles.

File Crypt

Find all old files, such as old Field Assistants, Game Rules, or other Gyrne related documents here. It's the halls of secrets for our scribes and magicians.


The Dungeon is the game testing zone. New test versions of the Field Assistant and all test game related information can be found here. Beta testing is limited to a restricted number of hand-picked heroic volunteers.

Imperial Council

As a good Gyrnean aristocat you have the right to attend the Imperial Council. Here is the forum, the hub, the place to meet fellow players, have a chat, and ask the question you did not find in the FAQ list.

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