Gyrne Files:


MacOS Version

Gyrne Field Assistant 2.2.0



Any Macintosh PowerPC
MacOS Classic 8.6 or higher
8 MB available RAM
OpenTransport 1.2+
Direct TCP/IP access to the Internet
Mail server access
QuickTime 3.0 or better
800 * 600 screen resolution or better

The Field Assistant is the game client program that sends your commands off to the game server. There is both a Macintosh and a Windows version. You will need a decompression utility such as WinZip or StuffIt Expander to unpack the downloaded files first. You can obtain these via the 'Tools' section below.
To use the Field Assistant you will also need to download the map for that game. You can get all Gyrne maps in the 'Maps' section below. The Field Assistant comes just with a ReadMe but no such map. See the game rules (downloadable from the Documents section) on how to use the Field Assistant. Starting with version 2.2, the Field Assistant now also features LoGyC, our Lords of Gyrne Chat client system that allows you to easily chat with other players online.

Any Intel-compatible CPU
Windows 95, 98, ME, NT, 2000 or XP
Direct TCP/IP access to the Internet
Mail server access
DirectX 3.0 or better
Quicktime 3.0 or better
800 * 600 screen resolution or better


Lords of Gyrne 3.1 Game Rules

Though the game is in English,there is a German and an English version of the game rules. You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader 4 or better to view either of the rules files. Proceed to the Tools section to get Adobe Acrobat Reader first if you don't have it already. The game rules are well written and easy to dive into, so don't hesitate - download your copy now.

English Version

Deutsche Fassung

(English version not yet available)
Both versions work on Macintosh and Windows, respectively.
Deutsches Handbuch


Each map for a Lords of Gyrne game is of a different size and of different characteristics. Since the Field Assistant 2 was issued, Gyrne map images (in the JPG format) contain additional data the Field Assistant can read to display information about the game itself. It is therefore vital that you do not attempt to edit these images in a graphic program yourself, or this information might become damaged. To download any of the maps below, click the right mouse button (hold pressed on a Mac) and choose to "Save Target As..." ("Save as Source on a Mac). Do not drag the map out of the window, as in that case the image itself will only be stored, but not the contained additional data. All of these maps work on both Windows and Apple Macintosh.

Cayelde Islands

This small island group is far to the northeast of the main continent, and barely big enough to host four players. It is often used for short, quick games. Click on the thumbnail to get a full view of the map.


Gulf of Sorpheus

The gulf of Sorpheus encompasses a major group of islands in the far west. Though people speak strange languages here - and have an acquired taste for weird names - it is a major trading hub, and often hard fought over. Six players fit the map.


Kingdoms of Angyrn

Angyrn is the largest continent in the world, the place that gave birth to the name Gyrne. It features well over 220 counties and can fit twenty players. Games on this map will be long and hard.


Empire of Trimania

Trimania is the largest Empire in the world of Gyrne, consisting of 15 Kingdoms featuring 64 provinces with over 340 counties distributed over 3 continents. The map is playable for up to 30 players. Games on this map run for very long periods of time.



StuffIt Expander

StuffIt Expander for Macintosh:

We recommend Aladdin's StuffIt Expander as expansion tool for the archives on this page. With StuffIt installed you should have no trouble expanding those .zip or .sit files. You can get it following these links. Note that without such a decompression tool as StuffIt, none of the files on this page will be of much use to you.

StuffIt Expander for Windows:

Adobe Acrobat Reader

You will need this tool to read the game rules. This application exists for both platforms and can be downloaded at Adobe's website available via this link.


QuickTime allows you to listen to music and view movies and pictures. Future versions of the Field Assistant (and the Mac version already) will rely on QuickTime to be installed. We strongly recommend downloading and installing it.