Welcome to the official Lords of Gyrne Website

This is the official website for Lords of Gyrne, the strategic fantasy play-by-email game.

For a quick introduction to the game you can read a short pdf by clicking here.

[Für eine Kurzeinführung zu Lords of Gyrne als PDF klicken Sie bitte hier].

Click on any of the above links to get to the appropriate section of the site:

  • News contain the latest accouncements regarding game development, new software, and new games.
  • On the Join page you can register for a new game, find links to the mail newsgroups and information on how to set up your own Gyrne game. Note that Beta games are free, but participation is limited.
  • The Download page contains links to all necessary files for playing Lords of Gyrne.
  • The Archives contain files and informations from previous games and game versions, as well as the Hiscore list and the "Imperial Council", a Gyrne Web forum.
  • Finally, the F.A.Q. section contains answers to frequently asked questions, as well as information for new players. It's always worth stopping by there if you have any questions.

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